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The Ultimate Foodies Christmas Gift List

Christmas can be a terrible time for thinking of amazing gifts for people and finding the perfect food to celebrate the day with. Let’s face it, everyone eats too much at Christmas and it just has to be done, but what do we eat. Everyone is bound to end up with something edible wrapped up as a gift on Christmas day and here at Reviewers United, we want to make sure you have the perfect thing to wrap this Christmas.

Christmas doesn’t have to be expensive either, we have some amazing budget friendly and luxury looking foodie gifts to share with our audience and there’s something everyone is bound to love. Take a look at some of the outstanding ideas we have for your foodies gift list this Christmas and thank us later.

Swizzels Christmas Sweet Treats

Looking to make Christmas a little more sweet this year? Then you’ll probably want to get someone something sweet! At Swizzels there’s something for everyone, it doesn’t matter if you love love hearts or just want a drum stick to chew on; you can get them all from Swizzels and more.

Bored of getting people tubs of chocolates for Christmas? Get them a variation of sweets instead and watch their face light up. Personally, we would suggest getting everyone a tub of love hearts to enjoy but that’s because they’re our favourite! Make sure you take a look on the Swizzels website for more options!

Organic Honey Gift Set: 3 x 400g honey selection in Jute gift bag

This Organic Honey Gift Set is the perfect and unique way to show someone you care at Christmas time. This wonderful set is a thoughtful and unique gift that is sure to be appreciated, especially by bakers and honey lovers everywhere. The trio set includes three different types of organic honey, each with its own unique flavour and aroma. The honey is also packaged in a beautiful jute gift bag, making it a gift that is both practical and stylish.

Organic Honey Gift Set: 3 x 400g honey selection in Jute gift bag

Holy Lama Christmas Spices Collection

The Holy Lama Christmas Spices Collection is made with high-quality ingredients and is free from artificial flavors and preservatives. The spice extracts are also very concentrated, so a little bit goes a long way. If you have a friend or family member who loves baking and needs something to make their bakes even better, these spice drops are the way to go.

They’ll make the best gift for any baking enthusiast and they’ll be a perfect addition to National Baking Week as well so make sure you take a look at the other flavourings and products that Holy Lama has to offer.

Holy Lama Christmas Spices Collection

Opies Food Collection

Who doesn’t love baking at Christmas? If you’re baking or know someone who loves baking any time of the year, you need to consider Opies. Opies’ delicious products are made with the finest ingredients and are known for their amazing, punchy flavours and high quality. They are used by professional chefs and home cooks alike and can be found in many of the UK’s leading supermarkets and food stores.

You don’t need to be an expert baker or a someone who’s only just starting out to enjoy Opies. If you’re looking for the perfect gift for someone who’s always in the kitchen, a hamper full of Opies is the way to go!

Spice Kitchen Hot Chocolate Collection & Mulling Spices

Spice kitchen has a special place in our hearts this Christmas. There’s nothing better than a hot chocolate on a cold winters night and Spice Kitchen honestly produce some of the best hot chocolate we’ve ever tried. If you’ve not tried their hot chocolate, you’re missing out. It also looks amazing and would make the perfect gift for anyone during the festive period. Turning the heating on is expensive but a nice cup of hot chocolate and a blanket on the sofa, bliss. Take a look at the Spice Kitchen Hot Chocolate Trio and spoil yourself or someone else!

As bakers, we also know that amazing Christmas spices are hard to come by. Some taste artificial and unsavoury at best. We have some amazing news. The Mulling Spices from Spice Kitchen are just the thing to get you in the festive spirit and they elevate anything you bake with it, they’re amazing, and tasty and you won’t be disappointed.

Spice Kitchen Christmas Selection

Avallen Calvados

If you’re looking for something a little more eco-friendly, try Avallen. Not only does it taste superb but it comes in a paper bottle to help reduce plastic and glass waste around the festive period. When everyone is buying glass bottles of wine or even plastic, you can be more planet-friendly with this Avallen in a paper bottle, plus who doesn’t love a good drink over Christmas?

We would suggest getting more than one bottle if you’re going to give them a go. Get one for you and one for a friend. We love their eco stance and we love the taste! Get yours on the Avallen Amazon store and if you have Amazon Prime you can get it next day so you don’t even have to wait, what a bargain!

Wickedly Welsh Chocolate

If you’re looking for the perfect chocolate treat to enjoy or gift this Christmas, we have an amazing suggestion. Wickedly Welsh chocolate is by far some of the best chocolate we’ve ever tried and it’s already on all of our shopping lists, we’ll be making sure Santa left some under the tree this year.

They have a huge selection of chocolate to pick from, sold all year round. Or you can take a look at the Wickedly Welsh Christmas selection to find something yummy and festive. There’s still time to get their Christmas advent calendar!

Clean Co.

Want to get someone a bottle of something this Christmas but they don’t drink alcahol. Have no fear, Clean Co. are here. Clean Co. offer some amazing substitutes for gin, rum and whiskey. The flavours of their non-alcoholic drinks are to die for and they look fancy, the perfect stocking filler or tree gift.

Their affordable drinks are the perfect gift idea this Christmas, they even had a drinks book and recipes on their website that you can try out instead of having the bottle sit there with no inspiration.

Ombar christmas Range

If you’re looking for some amazing dairy-free, vegan and plastic-free chocolate for Christmas, Ombar has you covered. Ombar offer a whole range of treats for Christmas which include their Ombar Advent, Ombar Oat Milk Chocolate Advent, there amazing tree baulballs and their spiced orange hazlenut truffle chocholate.

Ombar have more on their website and we encourage everyone to take a look at what they have to offer. If you’re trying to avoid allergens at Christmas time or just want to binge on some healthier chocolate alternatives, shop at Ombar!

Pickerings Flavoured Gin

We love Pickerings Gin at Reviewers United, who doesn’t love gin? Pickerings have fun with their gin and they make some delicious flavours and some other, far-out-there flavours like this brussels sprout gin! It’s not to everyone’s liking but you never know until you try. Maybe you know someone in your life who loves brussels sprouts, get them a bottle.

The Pickerings Gin we really love and recommend trying, Pickerings Raspbetter & Mint Gin. With it’s wax sealed bottle, amazing flavour and the fact it looks amazing, it’s the perfect Christmas gift. All of the Pickerings Gin is affordable, arrives fully protected and is sure to put a smile on someones face this Christmas, maybe more than one if they drink enough.