Reviewers United National Holidays & Events Calendar

National Holidays & Events Calendar

At Reviewers United, our Holiday and Event Calendar isn’t just a tool; it’s a gateway to a world of shared experiences and vibrant festivities. We believe in celebrating the diversity of life’s moments, whether they’re grand holidays, cultural celebrations, or small personal milestones. It’s a compass guiding you through the year, ensuring you never miss an opportunity to connect, commemorate, or simply enjoy life to the fullest. We’ve crafted this calendar with your interests and passions in mind, offering a roadmap to new adventures and cherished traditions. Join us in embracing the joy of togetherness and the beauty of our shared human experiences through our meticulously curated Holiday and Event Calendar.

Below are all of the dates you’ll need to make your social media pop! If any of the dates are wrong or some dates need adding, do let us know. We try and update this page as much as possible but some things do slip through the cracks.

January Holiday Calendar

January has many holidays that you can take advantage of and use something new. There are loads of days where you can post something amazing on social media and some amazing chances to start something new such as Veganuary or Hugging Day!

Whole Month:Dry Jan
1st January:New Year’s Day
Global Family Day
Apple Gifting Day
2nd January:Substitute Bank Holiday (New Year’s)
4th January:World Braille Day
5th January:National Bird Day
6th January:National Shortbread Day
8th January:Golden Globes
9th January:Clean Your Desk Day
10th January:Houseplant Appreciation Day
14th January:Dress Up Your Pet Day
16th January:Blue Monday
19rd January:Popcorn Day
21st January:Hugging Day
22nd January:Chinese New Year (Year Of The Rabbit)
25th January:Burns Night
26th January:Australia Day
27th January:Holocaust Memorial Day / Chocolate Cake Day
28th January:Data Privacy Day
30th January:Croissant Day

February Holiday Calendar

February is all about spreading positivity and awareness with its LGBT+ History Month, Time To Talk Day and Random Acts of Kindness Day! February allows everyone to spread some love and post as many social campaigns as possible.

Whole Month:LGBT+ History Month
2nd February:Time To Talk Day
4th February:World Cancer Day / Six Nations Begins
5th February:Nutella Day / Grammys
9th February:Cricket World Cup Begins
12th February:Super Bowl LVII
13th February:Galentine’s Day
14th February:Valentine’s Day
15th February:Singles Awareness Day
17th February:Random Acts of Kindness Day
19th February:BAFTA Awards
20th February:Love Your Pet Day
21st February:St David’s Day / Shrove Tuesday
22nd February:Ash Wednesday
24th February:Bartender Day
28th February:Rare Disease Day

March Holiday Calendar

March gives you the best opportunity to have some fun. With the chaos of Christmas and Valentine’s over for e-commerce you’re able to reconnect with nature on Wildlife Day, pay respects to the women in the office on International Women’s Day, and give everyone a reason to smile on the Day of Happiness!

Whole Month:Women’s History Month / Brain Tumour Awareness Month
1st March:St David’s Day
3rd March:World Wildlife Day
6th March:World Book Day
7th March:Holi
8th March:International Women’s Day
9th March:School Meals Day
12th March:Oscars
15th March:World Consumer Rights Day
The Great British Spring Clean (15th – 31st)
17th March:St Patrick’s Day / Red Nose Day
18th March:Recycling Day
19th March:Mother’s Day (UK)
20th March:First Day of Spring / Day of Happiness
21st March:World Down Syndrome Day
22nd March:World Water Day / Ramadan Begins
23rd March:Puppy Day
25th March:Waffle Day
26th March:Purple Day (Epilepsy Awareness)
27th March:World Theatre Day
31st March:Transgender Day of Visibility / Wear A Hat Day

April Holiday Calendar

April is a month for bonding; from planning office Easter egg hunts to bringing pets in for the day, because who doesn’t love a dog running around the office? There are many ways to be creative with April’s social media holidays – don’t limit your creativity to just one day! If you’re a big company or a total prankster, start planning your April Fool’s Day joke now!

1st April:April Fool’s Day
2nd April:World Autism Awareness Day
6th April:US Masters Golf Begins
7th April:Good Friday
9th April:Easter Sunday
10th April:Easter Monday
11th April:National Pet Day
13th AprilNational Silly Earring Day
15th April:World Art Day / Grand National
21st April:World Creativity and Innovation Day / Eid al-Fitr
22nd April:Earth Day
23rd April:St George’s Day
25th April:Malaria Day
27th April:World Design Day
29th April:Dance Day
30th April:Jazz Day

May Holiday Calendar

With two bank holidays and a whole lot of unique social media days in between, you certainly don’t have to slow the pace down in May. May has some exciting holidays, May the 4th be with you on Star Wars Day, Eat what you want day means you can finally allow that naughty treat and why not plant a tree on Love A Tree Day?

Whole Month:Mental Health Awareness (US) / Wedding Season Begins
1st May:Early May Bank Holiday (UK)
2nd May:World Asthma Day
4th May:Star Wars Day
5th May:Cinco de Mayo
8th May:World Red Cross Day / Bank Holiday (Coronation of The King) UK
9th May:Eurovision Song Contest Begins
11th May:Eat What You Want Day
12th May:Nurses Day
13th May:World Cocktail Day
15th May:Vegetarian Week Starts
16th May:Love A Tree Day
17th May:Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia
19th May:Endangered Species Day
20th May:World Bee Day
21st May:World Baking Day
22nd May:Chelsea Flower Show Begins
23rd May:World Turtle Day
25th May:Wine Day
28th May:Hunger Day
29th May:Spring Bank Holiday (UK)
30th May:Creativity Day
31st May:No Tobacco Day

June Holiday Calendar

June is all about the food and drink! With Cider Day, Fish & Chips Day, World Gin Day and so much more. If you’re a food fanatic or a big time company who produces some amazing food and drink, June is the month where you need to make a splash all over social media pages!

Whole Month:Pride Month
1st June:Day of Parents
2nd June:Fish & Chips Day
3rd June:Cider Day
5th June:World Environment Day
7th June:Download Festival Begins
8th June:Best Friends Day
10th June:World Gin Day
14th June:Blood Donor Day
15th June:Beer Day
16th June:Special Olympics World Summer Games Begin
18th June:Father’s Day (UK)
19th June:Picnic Week Begins
20th June:World Refugee Day
21st June:Glastonbury Festival Begins / Summer Solstice
23rd June:National Writing Day
24th June:Armed Forces Day
28th June:Eid al-Adha Begins
30th June:Social Media Day

July Holiday Calendar

Are you a family man or family brand? Either way July is the month for you. With Give Something Away Day and Day Of Friendship you can show off your love for friends and family. Use this month to give back to the community and support new causes on days such as when the FIFA Women’s World Cup Begins or the Tour de France Begins.

1st July:Tour de France Begins
2nd July:UFO Day
3rd July:Wimbledon Begins
4th July:American Independence Day
7th July:World Chocolate Day
British Grand Prix Begins
12th July:Simplicity Day
14th July:Bastille Day
15th July:Give Something Away Day
16th July:Ice Cream Day
17th July:World Emoji Day
18th July:Nelson Mandela International Day
19th July:Hot Dog Day
20th July:FIFA Women’s World Cup Begins
24th July:Tequila Day
28th July:Hepatitis Day
30th July:Day of Friendship
31st July:Avocado Day

August Holiday Calendar

August is a mixed bag of a month. You can celebrate the furry friends and people in your life on Cat Day, Son & Daughter Day. You can also get into something new, Rum Day offers you a chance to refine your pallet and Book Lovers Day means you can finally buy that book you keep looking at!

1st August:Girlfriend Day
3rd August:Cycle To Work Day
8th August:Cat Day
9th August:Book Lovers Day
10th August:World Lion Day
11th August:Son & Daughter Day
12th August:World Photography Week Begins
13th August:Left Handers Day
16th August:Rum Day
17th August:Non-Profit Day
19th August:World Photography Day
20th August:FIFA Women’s World Cup Final
21st August:World Entrepreneurs Day
25th August:Reading Festival Begins
26th August:Notting Hill Carnival Begins
28th August:Summer Bank Holiday (UK)

September Holiday Calendar

September is all about giving back with its Day of Charity. Looking after yourself with Sexual Health Day and Online Learning Day. It’s also heavy with food, are you taking part in Tofu Day, Salami Day or Pepperoni Pizza Day? Whatever you’re looking for, you’ll be able to easily fill your socials with September.

Whole Month:Back To School
1st September:Tofu Day
2nd September:Beard Day
4th September:Sexual Health Day
5th September:Day of Charity
6th September:Read A Book Day
7th September:Salami Day
8th September:Literacy Day
9th September:Invictus Games Begin
10th September:Suicide Prevention Day
12th September:Video Games Day
13th September:Roald Dahl Day
15th September:Online Learning Day
16th September:Oktoberfest Begins
17th September:Patient Safety Day
18th September:Equal Pay Day
19th September:Talk Like A Pirate Day
20th September:Pepperoni Pizza Day
21st September:Day of Peace
22nd September:Car Free Day
23rd September:First Day of Autumn
24th September:World Rivers Day
National Air Fryer Day
26th September:European Day of Languages
27th September:World Tourism Day
28th September:World Rabies Day
29th September:World Heart Day
30th September:Podcast Day

October Holiday Calendar

Time to get your spooky on! October is of course home of Halloween, an amazing day of decorations, fun games and lots of sweets! You’ll be able to take new and stunning photos of anything Halloween but if that doesn’t float you boat there’s more! With International Coffee Day, Animal Day, Smile Day and Gin and Tonic Day you’ll have loads to post about!

Whole Month:Black History Month (UK) / Breast Cancer Awareness Month / Stoptober
1st October:World Vegetarian Day
1st October:International Coffee Day
2nd October:Habitat Day
3rd October:Techies Day
4th October:National Taco Day
4th October:Animal Day
5th October:Teachers’ Day
7th October:Smile Day
8th October:Octopus Day
10th October:World Mental Health Day
11th October:National Coming Out Day
12th October:Sight Day
13th October:Egg Day
14th October:National Baking Week
UK Coffee Week
National Dessert Day
15th October:Global Handwashing Day
16th October:Food Day
19th October:Gin & Tonic Day
20th October:Chefs’ Day
21st October:Back To The Future Day
24th October:United Nations Day
25th October:World Pasta Day
29th October:Clocks Go Back
30th October:Checklist Day
31st October:Halloween

November Holiday Calendar

November is one of the all rounder months but you might easily notice a pattern. With World Vegan Day, Sandwich Day, Roast Dinner Day and Cappuccino Day among others, you can get your food and drink photos ready! November is home to Movember where men grow their beards to support charities and fundraise, so maybe a new Razor for Christmas?

Whole Month:Movember
1st November:World Vegan Day
3rd November:National Sandwich Day
4th November:Roast Dinner Day
5th November:Bonfire Night
8th November:Cappuccino Day
9th November:Usability Day
11th November:Remembrance Day
12th November:Remembrance Sunday / Diwali
13th November:Kindness Day
14th November:Diabetes Day
15th November:Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day
16th November:Day of Tolerance
17th November:Students’ Day
19th November:International Men’s Day
20th November:World Children’s Day
21st November:Television Day
23rd November:Thanksgiving (US)
24th November:Black Friday
27th November:Cyber Monday
30th November:Computer Security Day

December Holiday Calendar

December is mainly know for one thing and that’s Christmas! You can take some amazing Christmas content, that being said December does have more to offer. With Small Business Saturday you can easily support a company who will appreciate it. National Sock Day will have your feet looking real good and if you feel like you want to give back, Volunteer Day on the 5th of December is the perfect excuse!

1st December:World AIDS Day
2nd December:Small Business Saturday
3rd December:Day of Persons With Disabilities
4th December:National Sock Day
National Cookie Day
5th December:Volunteer Day
6th December:St Nicholas Day
7th December:Hanukkah Begins
8th December:Christmas Jumper Day
9th December:Christmas Card Day
10th December:Animal & Human Rights Day
11th December:Mountain Day
14th December:Free Shipping Day
16th December:National Cake Day
21st December:First Day of Winter
24th December:Christmas Eve
25th December:Christmas Day
26th December:Boxing Day
31st December:New Year’s Eve

If there are any days that you think we have missed or should be on this list, please drop us a message and we can look at getting them added.