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About Reviewers United

We are more than just a review website; we are a passionate community dedicated to providing honest and truthful reviews on a wide range of products. Our team of dedicated reviewers consists of experts from various fields, all driven by a shared love for discovering and sharing their experiences with others.

What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to integrity. We understand the importance of unbiased and reliable information when making purchasing decisions. That’s why our team goes above and beyond to ensure that every review we publish is authentic, transparent, and based on real experiences.

As Reviewers United grows our consumers will see more reviews, company write-ups and schemes that help give back to the community with the help of our trusted reviewers and from some of the amazing companies featured on Reviewers United.

Reviewers United – Our 5 Pillars

Genuine and Unbiased Reviews

Diverse Range of Products

Community-Driven Platform

In-Depth Analysis and Comparisons

Transparency and Authenticity

Here at Reviewers United, we ensure that all of our dedicated reviews are 100% genuine and unbiased. If we have something negative to say, it will be said and if we have positive feedback, it will be noted. We make sure that the products and companies that we include are diverse while ensuring their authenticity and transparency to our valued reviews and community members. Reviewers United is a community lead platform where the community voice matters.

Reviewers United have worked with many companies over the years to give back to the community and give a voice to consumers who want to voice their opinions through reviews. We are excited to be working with many new and diverse companies in the future and ensure to always keep our content updated for our audience.

What Can You Find On Reviewers United?

Reviewers United is all about giving back to the community. We have hundreds of company profiles to look through and review on the website. We have thousands of dedicated product ratings where you can leave your own ratings for products and we have some amazing community schemes.

Product Ratings & Reviews

Reviewers United has thousands of company reviews and product ratings available. It’s one of the number one spots for independent reviews from real consumers which anyone can take part in. All reviews and ratings are screened for any incorrect information to ensure that all reviews are 100% factual and authentic.

Reviewers United Community Scheme

Reviewers United is committed to giving back to the community, this is through independent community reviews and donating our time and goods. At Reviewers United we know how important the festive period can be to families and young minds and that’s why we started the initiative to donate to food banks every November so that all products can be processed and ready for Christmas and help families in need.

We do this by accepting donations from the generous team at Reviewers United, as well as taking donations from companies that have sent us products to be included in the donations so that we can give back more to the community. If you’re a company looking to make a difference, get in touch!

National Days of The Year

Who doesn’t love a reason to party? Reviewers United has a dedicated section that helps our audience celebrate all year round. You’ll find information on all of the major holidays and events that you’ve maybe not heard of. Did you know there was a world chocolate day? Now you do and you can discover even more days with our handy national day calendar!

**Calendar Coming Soon**


Reviewers United are sent products from various companies to showcase through product ratings and expert reviews. These products are gifted in exchange for a review although all opinions are 100% the teams and we are in no way obligated to write a “positive review”.

Reviewers United uses affiliate links throughout the website. Affiliate links cost no extra to a person using them and provide Reviewers United with a small commission if an item is purchased. This money allows us to invest in new tools for the website to give back to community members, the money generated from affiliate links is also used to donate back to the community through our food bank scheme and used for advertising on Google and social media to increase the reach of Reviewers United.

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Contact Us

We are always happy to answer any questions that a community member or company may have. Reviewers United is a public platform, we do not accept requests to take down any reviews unless they are false or making claims that can be proven false with evidence or are harmful to consumers. Our reviews are screened and checked for any incorrect information.

If you would like to get in touch with us, please use the contact form below. We are happy to hear from you.

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