sandy Leaf Farm Gin Making kit

Sandy Leaf Gin Making Kit Review

I love gin and thought it would be amazing to make my own gin. I got this sandy leaf farm gin making kit for Christmas and I couldn’t wait to give it a go and review it for everyone so that they can see if it’s worth it or not. If you have any questions that I’ve not answered about this kit do let me know in the comments and I’ll try my best to answer them!

If you want to find this gin making kit on Amazon you’ll find it amongst the best sellers and with hundreds of 5 star review you wouldn’t be amiss to think it’s a great product. That being said, some people have shown frustration with the kit and although some are valid, others are clearly stated when you buy it so if you’re going to order this kit, make sure you read the listing or this review first!

Sandy Leaf Gin Making Kit

I think this make your own gin kit is great for beginners that want to easily make their own gin and not have to worry about thousands of different steps to follow and want an instruction booklet which is easy to follow. I’m not the best with technical items and I have to say, this kit was easy to follow and I didn’t have any issues making my own gin which is great.

Sandy Leaf Gin Making Kit Contents

The kit does not include the vodka that is needed to make the gin, if you’re going to make this gin you will need your own vodka. You can use any vodka that you want and you don’t have to spend a premium to make this gin. With the right ingredients the vodka will turn into delicious gin and you won’t even be able to tell what type of vodka you used!

You will also need to buy the bottles that you use to make the gin. Neither the bottles nor vodka are included in the kit. I don’t mind that though because you can get get a bottle to best suit your personality, which might sound weird but I’m sure people know what I mean. Take a look at what is included in this homemade gin kit below.

Infusion blends:

Classic spiced, Citrus explosion, Chocolate orange, Spiced pink gin, Pink gin, Christmas blend, Dark chocolate, Sunshine, Gingerbread, The Zinger

Included in the kit:

Juniper berries, Ingredients to make eight different blends, Tasting pipettes, Kraft bottle tags and cotton twine, Metal sieve, Funnel, Measuring scoops, and Instruction booklet.

You can use any different spices if you want to and you don’t need to follow what’s in the kit. I would however suggest that you follow what’s in the kit for the first time and then if you’re successful you can move on to using different blends.

Sandy leaf gin making kit

Is The Sandy Leaf Farm Gin Making Kit Worth It?

So I made my own gin and can tell you it was a lot of fun! I think there’s a little too much in the kit you don’t need. I didn’t use the string of the labels and just wrote on the bottles so I think they could easily reduce what’s in the kit and save the environment a little more. It’s fun to use and brings out a person’s creative side that’s for sure.

At the moment it’s £17.30 on Amazon. Do I think it’s worth the price for a gin making kit, no I don’t. Don’t get me wrong, it’s fun but I would price this kit around £15, you don’t get the bottles or vodka with the kit so you then have to buy more and if you’re getting this as a gift you might want to get the vodka and bottles to go with it otherwise whoever gets the kit then has to go and spend money to actually use their gift.

I haven’t tried any other make your own gin kit sets yet but you can bet when I do I’ll be uploading a review to let people know what I think. If you don’t have the time to make your own gin, get some online and just add a tonic and ice!

Sandy Leaf Gin Making Kit Reviews

I always love to include reviews from other people in these review posts. It helps give people a much broader perspective on the products. Take a look at some of the reviews below and maybe you’ll find more inspiration to make different flavour gins with your make your own gin kit! You can take a look at their reviews on their website but I tend to want to know what other people think and not trust the ones on the company website.

Take a look at the Warrick Wobbler who made his own gin with this homemade gin kit. He called it his ‘GRUMPY OLD G-IT.’ and I think that’s amazing! Here’s the Warrick Wobbler Sandy Leaf Farm Gin Making Kit Review.

Sandy Leaf Gin Making Kit

Who Is This Good For?

If you’re thinking about getting this sandy leaf gin making kit for someone as a gift, make sure you know your audience! I think this homemade gin kit would be great for someone who loves gin. Someone who is at home a lot and people who love to get creative at home. You could maybe gift this gin making kit to someone who loves posting on social media and loves to make their pictures pretty because you can do just that with this kit!

I would also make sure that you gift it to someone who doesn’t mind having to go out and buy the vodka and bottles for this kit. You don’t want to give this kit to someone who will then get annoyed because they have to buy more to use it, that’s how arguments start.

Let Me Know!!

Let me know if you’ve made this sandy leaf gin making kit and what you thought of it. I’d love to know if you had any hints or tips for me for when I use my gin making kit again. I’d also love to know if you use any other make your own gin kits and if they’re any good. Have you found one that comes with the bottles or the vodka?

Thank you for reading this sandy leaf gin kit review post and let me know what you think. I love writing reviews, I’m always reviewing new products and posting pictures on Instagram so make sure you follow me there as well as I’d hate for you to miss out!

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