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At Reviewers United we love candles, can’t get enough of them. They make the office smell amazing and we always seem to have one burning or a nice reed diffuser placed somewhere. After all who wants to do any work without the place smelling amazing? We are proud to talk about an amazing candle from the Màzo Candles London company and we can’t get enough of it. From the moment it arrived we loved the smell and had to get it burning! It’s a surprise we waited long enough to take pictures of it!

Who Are The Màzo Candles London Company?

You might be thinking, who are Màzo Candles London? Well that’s because they’re a fairly new company, founded in 2019 by two amazing sisters who had a vision, a passion for amazing candles that smell divine. Mazo Candles (pronounced Mar-zo which we thought was Ma-zo to begin with) are an amazing London-based all-natural candle company which is run by two dedicated sisters, Zö and Maz who debuted their brand at Equinox in St James’, London, in 2019.

It’s no surprise that Màzo Candles were a hit, you can tell these candles are poured with love and some of the best scents and ingredients on the market. They’re unlike other candles that you can pick up for a pound, and let’s face it the cheap candles never last and the scent is gone within hours. These luxury candles are a hit and they smell gorgeous until they’re all burned out.

Màzo Candles London Candles

Màzo Candles offers a varied range of exquisite candles for their customers and once you’ve got one, you’ll want them all. We were lucky enough to try one of their amazing candles, with the amazing scent of Patchouli, Tobacco and Myrrh. They use 100% natural wax and essential oils in their candle to give them a long-lasting scent that fills the whole room.

As soon as you take the candle out of the box you’ll instantly love the smell, it’s not overpowering like some “luxury candles” on the market and the long-lasting smell showcases the amazing value for money.

The candle is amazing with a burn time of 40 hours for the two wick candles, 100 hours for the 4 wick candles and 120 hours for the 5 wick candles. We, however, would like to showcase how amazing the candles look. They’re designed with a luxury feel and look, they make an amazing centrepiece for people who love candles but don’t want to burn them and they’re so elegant they fit into any surrounding with ease.

They make the perfect gift and if you’re stuck on what to get someone for Christmas, take a look at the entire Màzo Candles range on their website and find something amazing!

Where To Buy Màzo Candles?

Want to know where to get these simply amazing candles? The good news, you can buy Màzo Candles through their website which means their profits are put back into developing amazing candles and improving the top-quality ones they already sell. We love seeing companies sell through their own websites, they don’t have to pay fees to third companies and consumers can show their support direct! So head on over to their website, make a purchase and show your support!

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