The Perfect Games From The happy puzzle company

The Perfect Games From The happy puzzle company

Finding games that keep children entertained can be difficult, that’s why you need to shop around and find something they might actually like. Thankfully we have an amazing company that sells some fun games and some of them have an amazing twist on the “traditional” games we all know and love, which just makes them so much more fun!

If you’re looking for more games for the summer holidays or maybe you’re starting your Christmas shopping, take a look at some of the suggestions we have for you and this amazing company that sells them.

Amazon Toys For All Children

If you’re looking for toys, games and more for children then we’ve got the right place for you. These toys are great for all children no matter their needs.

Happy Puzzle.Company

You might be thinking, who? Well, the Happy Puzzle Company offers a varied range of over 300 puzzles, games, challenges and puzzle books to both families and schools. The Happy Puzzle Company was founded over 31 years ago by CEO Gavin Ucko who has produced many puzzles and games unique to The Happy Puzzle Company and adored by thousands of happy customers.

The Happy Puzzle Company are experts in providing schools and educational establishments with educational toys, games, puzzles and more that help children to learn and develop their skills. Their products are the perfect educational tools for children with dyslexia, dyspraxia and both children and adults with additional needs. The Happy Puzzle Company currently work with over 13,000 schools throughout the UK and are expanding daily.

The Happy Puzzle Company host challenge days for schools and educational settings as well which offers challenging puzzles and games for children with additional needs of all ages, they can even arrange for puzzle parties at home if you’re looking for something different!

What Does The Happy Puzzle Company Sell?

The Happy Puzzle Company sell a whole array of toys and games, and as you can imagine, puzzles for all ages. They offer amazing games for the whole family although personally, we love that they offer affordable STEM products to stimulate the imagination and help improve hand-eye co-ordination and other fine motor skills.

Of course, they sell puzzles but that’s not everything they have to offer. If you have checked them out for puzzles, you’re in the right place. They have puzzles for all ages, skill needs and complexity. There’s also no need to shop around because they have the best prices on the market and they have sales all year long so you can keep an eye out and get any Christmas presents all ready.

The Happy Puzzle Company Products

The Happy Puzzle Company have some amazing products and luckily we had some to try out. Take a look at some of the amazing products they have to offer below and if you’ve used them head on over to the product rating and give them your honest opinion!

The Happy Puzzle Company Medium Trampoline Tennis Set

This trampoline tennis set pack a lot of fun and they’re not the size of real trampolines either. They’re easy to store away and keep for further adventures. The medium set is perfect for the whole family to get involved and anyone can play it. The great thing about this tennis set is that it’s not your “traditional tennis” and due to this is means everyone can use it, even wheelchair users who are normally excluded from such games. The diameter of a disk is 37cm so you’re still let with tons of room to move about.

The Trampoline tennis set comes as either a mini trampoline tennis set or a medium trampoline tennis set. We’d suggest that people with finer motor skills and no vision impairments use the mini trampoline set if they want a little more challenge but personally, we love the medium set which is great for all and it’s only £29.99 (price from August 2023).

The Happy Puzzle Company Crazy Golf

Who doesn’t love crazy golf? We would hazard a guess that everyone at one point in their life and this crazy golf game brings that magic back to life and keeps children entertained for hours. The crazy golf game is set for two people, which makes it great if you have more than two children and want to hold a crazy golf tournament and it comes with six different obstacles. The set comes with two children sized clubs, lightweight tennis balls so nobody is going to get hurt and there won’t be any broken windows!

The set is perfect for children aged 3-12 although we would recommend that any children under the age of 6 be supervised as you don’t want them eating the golf club! If you’ve played this crazy golf, leave a product rating using the product rating box below! The set is only £22.99 (price from August 2023) which is cheaper than the fuel alone that you’d have to pay to drive to crazy golf!

The Teeter Rocker

This brilliant creation is the therapeutic equivalent of sitting on a never-ending bubble wrap, or at least that’s what we’re told. The teeter rocker is perfect for children aged 3+ and can provide hours of entertainment. The idea of the Teeter Rocker is to move back and forth, side to side or however you like, the teeter rocket has suction grips that release as you move. They create a stable and satisfying popping sensation which can help calm and sooth children, especially children with additional needs.

The teeter rocker helps children to relax and helps them improve their gross motor skills. It does it all! It’s available in Green, Blue and Pink from The Happy Puzzle Company and at the affordable price of £29.99 (price from August 2023). If you’re looking for something that will provide your children with hours of entertainment, the Teeter Rocker is the perfect solution. It’s also a great sensory chair for children to use while they’re watching TV, especially if you can’t get them to sit still for long enough.

The Happy Puzzle Company Review

If you’re looking for the perfect game that suits everyone, The Happy Puzzle company has you covered. They have something for everyone and at affordable prices as well. If you’re looking for something to do this summer holiday, check them out and see what they have available. We love The Happy Puzzle company and all of their products, let us now which ones are your favourites!

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