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World Chocolate day

July 7 All day

World Chocolate Day

Chocolate Day is a celebration dedicated to indulging in the sweet pleasures of chocolate. Whether it’s dark, milk, or white chocolate, this day honours the decadence and delight of this beloved treat. From truffles to bars to hot cocoa, there are endless ways to savour the rich flavours and velvety textures of chocolate.

Join in the festivities by treating yourself to your favourite chocolate confections or sharing them with loved ones. Indulge your sweet tooth and revel in the irresistible allure of chocolate on this delicious occasion! It doesn’t matter what kind of chocolate you like, you can still join in on the yummy fun!

When Did World Chocolate Day Start?

World Chocolate Day, also known as International Chocolate Day, is believed to have originated in France in 1995. This date was chosen to commemorate the day when chocolate was first introduced to Europe in 1550. The celebration was likely initiated to honour the rich cultural and historical significance of chocolate and to promote its enjoyment worldwide.

Since then, World Chocolate Day has gained popularity and is celebrated by chocolate lovers and enthusiasts around the globe. It’s a day for indulgence, appreciation, and enjoyment of one of the world’s most beloved treats. Additionally, it serves as an opportunity for chocolate companies to promote their products and for various events and activities centred around chocolate to take place. Overall, World Chocolate Day celebrates the joy that chocolate brings to people’s lives and highlights its importance in various cultures.

What Countries Celebrate World Chocolate Day?

While World Chocolate Day is celebrated in many countries around the world, some nations are particularly renowned for their love of chocolate and their enthusiastic celebrations of this delicious treat. Here are three countries known for their fervent observance of World Chocolate Day:

  1. Belgium: Belgium is often considered the chocolate capital of the world, renowned for its high-quality chocolate and rich chocolate-making tradition. Belgian chocolate is celebrated for its smooth texture, exquisite flavours, and artistic craftsmanship. On World Chocolate Day, Belgians indulge in a wide array of chocolate treats and participate in chocolate-themed events and festivals.
  2. Switzerland: Switzerland is another country with a long-standing tradition of chocolate making. Swiss chocolate is esteemed for its superior quality and has gained worldwide recognition. Swiss chocolatiers are known for their innovation and creativity, producing a diverse range of chocolate products. On World Chocolate Day, Swiss chocolate lovers celebrate by enjoying their favourite chocolates and visiting chocolate shops and museums.
  3. United States: The United States is home to a vibrant chocolate culture, with a multitude of chocolate brands and artisanal chocolatiers offering a wide variety of chocolate treats. Americans enthusiastically celebrate World Chocolate Day by indulging in chocolate desserts, organising chocolate-themed events, and participating in chocolate tastings and tours. From classic milk chocolate bars to gourmet truffles, there’s no shortage of ways to enjoy chocolate in the U.S. on World Chocolate Day.

We at Reviewers United are shocked that the United Kingdom is not in the top three countries that celebrate World Chocolate Day and we are going to make it our mission to be number one!

How To Celebrate World Chocolate Day?

Well there is one known way to celebrate World Chocolate Day and that’s to eat as much chocolate as possible, however that might make you a little sick. Take a look at some of the more elegant ways to celebrate World Chocolate Day below.

Here are six delightful ways to celebrate World Chocolate Day:

  1. Chocolate Tasting Party: Gather friends or family and organise a chocolate-tasting party. Purchase a selection of chocolates from different brands, regions, or with various flavour profiles (dark, milk, white, flavoured, etc.). Set up a tasting station with tasting notes, and enjoy sampling and comparing the different chocolates together.
  2. Bake Chocolate Treats: Spend the day baking delicious chocolate treats in your kitchen. Whether it’s classic chocolate chip cookies, rich brownies, decadent chocolate cake, or homemade truffles, there are endless possibilities for chocolatey delights. Get creative with recipes and decorations to make your baked goods extra special.
  3. Chocolate Fondue Night: Host a chocolate fondue night for a fun and interactive celebration. Set up a fondue station with melted chocolate and an assortment of dipp-able treats such as strawberries, bananas, marshmallows, pretzels, and pound cake. Invite friends over to dip and enjoy the chocolatey goodness together.
  4. Visit a Chocolate Shop or Factory: Take a trip to a local chocolate shop or factory to learn more about the chocolate-making process and sample their delicious creations. Many chocolate shops offer tours, tastings, and hands-on chocolate-making experiences that are perfect for World Chocolate Day celebrations.
  5. Chocolate-Inspired Dinner: Plan a special chocolate-inspired dinner menu featuring savoury dishes that incorporate chocolate as an ingredient. Experiment with recipes like cocoa-rubbed steak, mole sauce, or chocolate-infused chilli for a unique and flavourful dining experience.
  6. Try Something New: Try a new flavour of chocolate or even try vegan chocolate made with alternative ingredients.

World Chocolate Day Goodies!

Want to try something new on World Chocolate Day? Maybe you want to gift someone some epic chocolate to score some brownie points, pun intended! Take a look at some of our suggestions below.


Want something bursting with chocolate goodness? Grab yourself or a friend a Tassimo machine and enjoy some amazing hot chocolates, including the limited edition Cadbury Orange! Tassimo is a world wide known brand and there’s a reason for that, their drinks are perfect!

Gather the whole family round and make them all an amazing hot chocolate for Chocolate day.

NOMO – No Missing Out Chocolate

If you fancy something a little different with the main known allergens, try NOMO chocolate. It’s the perfect alternative for World Chocolate Day. Their chocolate tastes amazing and totally moreish at the same time. Take a look at their entire range here!

NOMO stands as the leading Vegan & Free From Chocolate brand in the UK, crafted by Kinnerton Confectionery. Their goal is simple: craft products that delight all chocolate enthusiasts! Whether they adhere to a vegan lifestyle, have dietary restrictions, or seek eco-friendly options, NOMO stands out as the ultimate choice for chocolatey satisfaction.

NOMO Chocolate

The Groovy Food Company Chocolate Agave Nectar

If you’re looking for something different to try this Chocolate Day then we’d easily suggest trying these organic agave nectar chocolate sauces from The Groovy Food Company. They taste amazing, like nothing we’ve tried before and they taste amazing on vanilla ice cream!


Fancy something a little different without the nasty allergens or packaging that’s going to damage the planet for future generations? Try PLAYin CHOC! It’s flavourful, good for the planet and perfect for both adults and children!

Their ToyChoc Box are full of Woodland Animals, Rabbits, Dinosaurs and more, they come with delicious chocolate for a child to enjoy and a fun interactive toy to make! If you’re an adult they have yummy bars that you’re bound to love. What more could you ask for on World Chocolate Day?

World Chocolate Day Recipes

Take a look at some amazing chocolate recipes below to make something delicious on World Chocolate Day.