The Best Gifts For Babies

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Buying gifts can be hard, but buying baby gifts can be even worse. You can’t ask the baby what they want and you’ll have to make sure you ask the parents otherwise they could end up with 100 baby bottles as gifts and never get around to using them all. It’s important to get something age-friendly and a gift which will be used.

That’s why we’ve put together a list of baby gifts that would make any parent happy and hopefully the baby will love it as well. One thing we will say is you want to make sure the gift is top quality and uses good materials that aren’t harmful. It’s never a good idea to get something cheap off of Amazon and hope for the best!

The Best Baby Gifts

When it comes to baby gifts you’ll want to ensure you’re getting something age appropriate that will last and isn’t harmful to a baby. That’s why we’ve split up these fantastic suggestions by age and function so you’ll never have to worry about what to get a 2-year-old or what baby shower gifts to get ever again!

Take a look at some of the suggestions below and get some inspiration on what you could be getting as your next baby gift. If you know a person who is expecting, get them something amazing that’ll last.

Gifts For Babies 0-12 Months

Take a look at these amazing gifts for babies ages 0-12 months.

Dr Brown’s PreVent Soothers 0-6 Months

Looking for something to gift a 0-12 month year old. Take a look at these soothers that are perfect for children ages 0-6 months without the added side effects of normal soothers. Dr Brown’s also has soothers for other ages such as 6-18 months.

Crafted by a paediatric dentist, this orthodontic soother is expertly designed to mitigate potential dental concerns, including posterior crossbite, in infants. Its 100% silicone bulb boasts a patented suction-free air channel and a slender bulb stem, effectively alleviating pressure within the baby’s mouth. The fun yet functional Classic Shield is tailored to accommodate most little faces. Ideal for infants aged 0-6 months and 6-18 months, this soother offers a thoughtful solution to promote healthy oral development from an early age.

LAMAZE Freddie The Firefly

Development in early years is super important and that’s why it’s great to fill a baby’s time with colourful toys that have multiple uses such as colours, sounds, reflections and more. Freddie The Firefly is fully equipped to have your baby experience new sounds, feel and more to help with their fine motor skills and learning.

This cuddly soft toys helps with teething, keeping them entertained and makes a perfect sensory toy. With it’s durable materials it means it’s not going to break in a babies mouth when they no doubt start to eat it.

Angelcare Soft Touch Baby Bath Support Seat

Bath time can be a right hassle with babies and you want it to go as smoothly as possible. If you’re looking for the perfect gift for a newborn to enjoy, this is it. They can relax in the bath, not worry about falling into the water and focus on the person giving them a bath with smiles all over their face. It’s affordable and safe, just what we like here at Reviewers United.

Angelcare®’s Soft Touch Baby Bath Support is a beloved choice among babies and highly recommended by parents worldwide. Designed ergonomically, it securely cradles your baby, allowing parents to have hands-free bathing. Crafted from soft-touch material, it quickly adjusts to the ideal temperature, ensuring your baby’s comfort during bath time. Suitable for newborns up to 6 months or 9 kg / 20 lb, it’s made from durable, mold-resistant material, ensuring hygiene and easy cleaning. With its ergonomic shape, your baby is gently cradled, while you have the freedom to wash and interact. The built-in level indicator ensures optimal water level, promoting safety. Made from lightweight, durable plastic with two handles, it’s easy to clean and store. Available in gray, aqua, or pink, it adds a stylish touch to any bathroom. Bath time becomes a joyous experience with Angelcare®, providing both fun and comfort for babies and parents alike.

Gifts for Babies 1 Year Old

Take a look below for some of the best gifts for babies at 1 year old and find some amazing, age appropriate suggestions.

Doddl Children’s Cutlery & Case

A lot of new parents have no idea what to do when it comes to cutlery, most people focus on having enough nappies, baby wipes and clothes. The pushchair will always come first over cutlery and that’s why it makes an amazing gift for babies who are one year and up. Doddl have amazing cutlery options that are perfect for 6+ months and they even have a nifty travel case as well, the whole set makes an amazing gift and helps with development; what’s not to love?

Doddl – We’re firm believers that fostering independence in children begins with their first major milestone: feeding. That’s why we’ve merged profound child development insights with cutting-edge design and engineering. Our innovative feeding tools are crafted to intuitively guide children toward eating independently within minutes, without requiring constant parental intervention.

Gifts For Babies 2 Year Old

Take a look below for some of the best gifts for babies at 2 years old and find some amazing, age appropiate suggestions.

Munchkin Bottles

At two years old you’ll find that a baby is either glued to their dummy or a bottle and thankfully, Munchkin have some amazing bottles up for grabs. Munchkin have several bottles available via their website to suit all needs and age ranges. We personally love the Miracle® 360° Tropical Swirl Trainer Sippy Cup which helps to eliminate spills and let’s face it, children make a mess!

Gifts For Babies 3 Year Old

Take a look below for some of the best gifts for babies at 3 years old and find some amazing, age appropriate suggestions.

Dr. Brown’s Options+ Anti Colic Baby Bottle

Looking to make sure you have one of the best bottles on the market or want to gift someone bottles that are developed for the baby? Take a look at these anti-colic baby bottles from Dr Brown’s.

The Anti-Colic Baby Bottle, featuring Dr. Brown’s innovative internal vent system clinically proven to reduce colic and minimize symptoms such as spit-up, burping, and discomfort from wind. Designed for a consistent flow rate, the vacuum-free feeding closely mimics breastfeeding, allowing babies to feed at their own pace. This unique system also preserves essential nutrients in bottle milk, promoting better digestion and contributing to a restful night’s sleep for both baby and parents. With a breast-like teat shape that encourages a proper latch, this bottle facilitates a natural feeding experience and smooth transition between breast and bottle feeding. As your baby grows, the bottle adapts accordingly, with the option to remove the internal vent system to accommodate evolving feeding needs without the need for a different bottle.

Gifts For Babies 4 Year Old

Take a look below for some of the best gifts for babies at 4 years old and find some amazing, age appropriate suggestions.


Having a child who is unwell is no fun on anyone, weather that be the parents or the child. However, having a child take their medicine can be a huge task and most of the time a big hassle. Thankfully, if a child has a sore throat and needs something to help, Tonstix have stepped in!

It might seem like an odd gift but these honey jelly pops are perfect for children who are suffering with a sort throat. They have long expiration dates and you can bet the parent to any child you get these for is going to be over the moon. Let’s face it, at this age they get more than enough toys and cloths, gift something useful instead. Plus they come in two flavours and have travel sized pops as well!

Tonstix contains no medicinal ingredients and is enriched with the natural goodness of honey. Its special blend of honey and jelly melts in the mouth, providing a soothing coating for your child’s throat. Developed by pharmacy professionals, Tonstix is infused with Vitamin C and Zinc, essential nutrients that support the normal functioning of the immune system.

Gifts For Babies 5 Years Old

Take a look below for some of the best gifts for babies at 5 years old and find some amazing, age appropriate suggestions.

Jellycat Bartholomew Bear Bathrobe

If you’re looking for that perfect teddy to get a baby, look no further. We’d recommend getting it in their later baby years so they don’t drool all over it or rip it apart. Jellycat has some amazing teddies that are so cute and perfect for 5 year olds, you could even get one for the parents as a reminder of their amazing baby.

Take a look on the Jellycat website for more inspiration but personally, we love the Bartholomew Bear Bathrobe teddy, he’s adorable and who wouldn’t want him around?

Gifts For Baby Boy

Ideas to come soon.

Gifts For Baby Girl

Ideas to come soon.

The Best Baby Shower Gifts

Picking Baby Shower Gifts can be a total pain, we’ve all been there and most of the time we don’t have a clue what to get! Take a look at some of the suggestions below and be the best gifter at that baby shower!

Dr Brown’s Steam Bottle Steriliser and Dryer

If you’re looking for a perfect baby shower gift which is going to come in handy and ensure a parents life is a lot easier with their new born, this bottle steriliser and dryer is the perfect thing! Take a look at the Dr Brown’s Steam Bottle Steriliser and Dryer on the Dr Brown’s Website.

Introducing the acclaimed Dr. Brown’s™ Bottle Steriliser and Dryer, designed to steam sterilise and dry up to six baby bottles simultaneously, along with breast pump parts, pacifiers, and teethers. This versatile steriliser eliminates 99.9% of bacteria, mould, and the yeast that causes thrush, ensuring a hygienic environment for your baby’s feeding essentials. The multi-function design allows you to choose between sterilising only, drying only, or a combination of both sterilising and drying. It includes a removable basket perfectly tailored to fit all Dr. Brown’s bottles, providing convenience and efficiency. Additionally, the steriliser comes with two HEPA Type filters that offer up to six months of filtration, ensuring a full year of usage. Recognised for its excellence, it was awarded Silver in the Made for Mums Awards 2023.

Pippeta Classic LED | Dual & Hands Free Breastpump

This hands-free and hospital-grade performance pump is the ideal gift for a baby shower. Let’s ignore the mountain of clothes and the stack of nappies in the corner and let’s talk about and gift what’s needed, breast pumps! Mothers are always so busy and sometimes they need a little help, which is exactly what this hands-free, anti-backflow, technological pump offers.

With spare parts in case anything gets broken, an easy LED display system, step-by-step instructions and a helpful video on the Pippeta website; what’s more to want? Take the hassle out of breastfeeding and maybe that mother might get a decent night’s sleep, with the help of the Pippeta hands free breast pump!

Nanobebe Baby Products

Looking to gift the ultimate bundle that’s going to knock a new parent’s socks off? Something that will be used regularly and is made to last? Nanobebe has a whole host of products suitable for gifting and they start from newborn! Their products are top quality, they’re leading in their field and parents love them! Take a look on the Nanobebe website for even more products!

Nanobebe baby shower gifts

Gifts For Babies Parents

Are you looking to give some lucky parents some gifts? Stuck on what to get them when they’re expecting? Take a look at the suggestions below and find something bursting with joy to give them.

Bio Gaia

Early years can be tough, especially with germs floating around, allergies and just living. That’s why Bio Gaia have amazing products that help with early development and supplements that ensure a baby is getting everything they need for a health immune system and their daily dose of vitamins.

Bio Gaia have a range of amazing products for children, a hand see through bag so you know exactly what you have and they’re an amazing gift for new parents. Let’s face it, how many parents think they need supplements or vitamins, not that many. Get them Bio Gaia and make sure they don’t forget all the important parts.

Angelcare® Nappy Disposal System with Round Refill

Dealing with those inevitable stinky moments with babies doesn’t have to be a hassle. Angelcare® presents the ultimate solution: their Nappy Disposal System. Loved and trusted by parents worldwide, their award-winning system strikes the perfect balance between form and function. Simply open the lid, push the nappy through the odour-locking clamp, and it effortlessly falls into the multilayer film below. Emptying the bin is a breeze – just remove the bag like a regular bin liner. Our long-lasting, hygienic film keeps odours and germs sealed inside. Plus, the system uses up to four times less plastic than similar products, thanks to not individually wrapping nappies. With a capacity of up to 38 size 1 nappies and a safely positioned cutting mechanism, convenience and peace of mind come standard.

The kitchen bin or front room bin need no longer smell! A new parent won’t have to run outside in the rain to put a stinking nappy in the bin. This nappy disposal system is the perfect gift for new parents, as most wouldn’t have factored this in and would just have a huge stock of nappies!

Angelcare® Nappy Disposal System with Round Refill (Photo taken from Angelcare website)

Mum & You

Mum & You offer sensitive baby wipes and nappies in a whole host of sizes. Their products are eco-friendly and just the thing to keep a baby healthy and the planet green. They’re affordable, look premium and without the huge price tag that some nappies and wipes have.

The Mum & You nappies come in various sizes according to weight. They’re the perfect alternative to nappies and wipes that you can find in stores that have harmful ingredients for the baby or materials for the planet. Plus who doesn’t love biodegradable baby products?

Organii – Everyday Organic

Buying for new parents can be a tough one, do they already have enough clothes? You’re sure they have enough nappies to last the child till potty training so where does that leave you? Thankfully Organii have an amazing baby bundle that’s suitable for all new parents. The bundle includes their Scented Water (125ml), Baby Cream (100ml), Nappy Cream (100ml), Foam Bath and Shampoo (250ml) and Dry Baby Oil (100ml) with amazing value for money.

The products are organic and do not contain any synthetic perfumes, synthetic chemical filters, parabens or mineral oils, meaning they’re perfect for babies and sensitive skin. Their products are natural, they do their part to fight waste and you know if you’re shopping with Organii then you’re doing your part for the planet and helping new parents navigate the first few important years of their child’s life; what’s not to love?

Efamol Omega 3 DHA Drops

One of the best gifts you can give a new parent is knowing that their child is healthy. Although these may not be for everyone they’re a perfect solution to giving your baby the nutrients they need to grow. DHA supports normal brain function and normal vision and the Vitamin E included helps contribute to the protection of cells from oxidative stress.

Ideal for ages 6 months and older, this supplement offers a convenient daily dose of just 1ml. With a pleasant natural lemon flavor and no fishy taste, it is suitable for even the most discerning palates. Free from sugar, it can be effortlessly added to food for easy consumption. Perfect for healthy development as a baby grows.

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