The most expensive lego sets

The Most Expensive Lego Sets You Can Buy

We love Lego, which might be obvious from the amount we talk about it. Lego is so much fun for the whole family and when you’re done you have something you can look at and see how much you’ve accomplished. That being said, Lego can be very expensive and some people love to buy the huge expensive sets and if we had the money, we’d probably do the same.

It’s worth mentioning that just because a Lego set is expensive that doesn’t mean it’s a really big set or has thousands of pieces, some Lego sets that are very expensive are smaller sets, and there are various reasons why Lego sets can be so expensive.

Why Is Lego So Expensive?

There are various reasons why Lego is so expensive. It’s a big shame because Lego can be great to collect but you can’t always get your hands on the more expensive sets. Take a look at the reasons why Lego is so expensive below;

  1. Size and Complexity: Larger sets with more pieces tend to be more expensive because they require more materials and design efforts. Complex sets that incorporate intricate details, moving parts, or advanced building techniques often have higher price tags.
  2. Licensing and Intellectual Property: LEGO has partnered with popular franchises such as Star Wars, Harry Potter, Marvel, and others. Licensing agreements with these brands can increase the cost of LEGO sets, as a portion of the price goes towards royalties.
  3. Exclusive or Limited Edition Sets: LEGO occasionally releases exclusive or limited edition sets that are available for a limited time or in limited quantities. These sets often have higher price points due to their exclusivity and collectible nature.
  4. Specialty Pieces: Some LEGO sets require unique or specialised pieces that are not commonly found in other sets. These pieces might be more expensive to produce, which can contribute to the higher overall cost of the set.
  5. Demand and Market Value: LEGO sets, particularly retired or hard-to-find ones, can become highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts. When the demand surpasses the supply, the prices can increase significantly in the secondary market, making them more expensive to acquire.

If there are any other reasons you can think of, let us know in the comments and we’ll have to make sure we add it on to the list.

Most Expensive Lego Sets UK

Lego sets are not cheap and sometimes it can get a little confusing when you have websites giving you information on prices in different currencies. We’ve put together a small list of some of the most expensive Lego sets that you can buy. The prices were correct at the time of writing this post, however, prices do change mainly depending on demand and if a Lego set is no longer being manufactured.

Please note that prices may vary over time and across different retailers:

  1. LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon (75192) – Estimated price: £650-£800
  2. LEGO Creator Taj Mahal (10256) – Estimated price: £300-£450
  3. LEGO Technic Bugatti Chiron (42083) – Estimated price: £280-£350
  4. LEGO Creator Expert Roller Coaster (10261) – Estimated price: £290-£350
  5. LEGO Creator Expert Tower Bridge (10214) – Estimated price: £200-£300
  6. LEGO Technic Liebherr R 9800 Excavator (42100) – Estimated price: £370-£450

Please keep in mind that these prices are approximate and can vary based on factors such as retailer, availability, and location. It’s always a good idea to check with retailers or the official LEGO website for the most up-to-date and accurate pricing information. Don’t forget to shop around if you’re looking for a bargain, you may be able to get a deal if you look hard enough.

What Is The Most Expensive Lego Set In History?

The most expensive LEGO set ever released is the LEGO Ultimate Collector’s Series Millennium Falcon (set number 75192). This set was released in 2017 and has held the record for the most expensive LEGO set for several years. The recommended retail price for this set was $799.99 USD (£649.99 GBP), making it a highly coveted and premium collectible item among LEGO enthusiasts. However, it’s worth noting that LEGO may release new sets in the future that could surpass this record. It’s always a good idea to check with official LEGO sources or retailers for the most up-to-date information on pricing and availability.

It’s important to remember that Lego are always bringing out new sets so the information above may have changed since writing this post. If that’s the case please do let us know so we can update it. However, if you have £650 then you should totally buy the LEGO Ultimate Collector’s Series Millennium Falcon set!

Where To Buy Cheap Lego Sets?

There are various places online where you can keep an eye out for cheap Lego sets, that being said you need to make sure you’re not getting scammed. Take steps when purchasing items online, never give your bank details out to anyone, never send friends and family on PayPal and when possible use a credit card so it’s easier to claim your money back if anything goes wrong.

You can also buy Lego in person at garage sales and boot sales in the UK, they’re a great place to find a bargain however you will need to arrive early if you want bargains as a lot of resellers will get there as soon as it opens to pick up deals such as cheap Lego!

  1. Official LEGO Sales: Keep an eye on the official LEGO website ( for occasional sales, discounts, or promotions. LEGO often offers deals on select sets, especially during seasonal or clearance sales.
  2. Retailer Sales and Discounts: Check out various retailers that sell LEGO sets, both online and brick-and-mortar stores. Retailers like Argos, Amazon, Smyths Toys, and John Lewis often have sales, discounts, or special offers on LEGO products. It’s worth comparing prices across different retailers to find the best deals.
  3. Online Marketplaces: Explore online marketplaces such as eBay, Gumtree, Vinted and BrickLink, where individuals sell new or used LEGO sets. You may be able to find discounted prices from sellers who are looking to sell their collections or unused sets.
  4. Second-hand Stores or Charity Shops: Visit second-hand stores or charity shops in your local area. Sometimes, you can find LEGO sets in good condition at lower prices.
  5. Facebook Marketplace and Local Online Classifieds: Check out local online platforms such as Facebook Marketplace or local online classifieds, where individuals sell items within their communities. You might come across individuals selling LEGO sets at lower prices.

Let us know where you’ve picked up cheap Lego sets and what ones you got. If you’re willing to buy the sets without the boxes you’re more likely to get the more expensive Lego sets for less money but we know a lot of people don’t like doing that, just like taking Funko pops out of their box!

The most expensive lego sets UK

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