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Is LISTERINE The Best Mouthwash?

Dental hygiene is very important. Trying to get an appointment at the dentist in the UK is hard work and if you do you might be waiting weeks, if not months just for a check-up. That’s why it’s imperative that everyone takes care of their teeth, gums and mouth the best they can.

If you’re looking for easy ways to avoid the dentist, using mouthwash is one of them. There are loads of mouthwashes on the market and some of them are dreadful. We’ve had no luck with the cheaper brands and they seem to lose their taste the longer they’ve been opened, which you really don’t to put in your mouth! That’s why At Reviewers United we love LISTERINE and we’re going to tell you why. Let’s answer some questions.


We believe that if you’re going to make a purchase on anything then you’ll want to know all the facts on the product. There’s no point buying a product if you’re going to like it, use it or know anything about it.

Are LISTERINE Bottles Recyclable?

Yes, LISTERINE bottles are 100% recyclable and are made from 50% recycled materials as well. They’re much more eco-friendly than other mouthwash bottles on the market.

Here are some tips for recycling Listerine bottles:

  • Rinse the bottle out thoroughly with water.
  • Remove the cap and recycle it with the bottle.
  • Make sure the bottle is dry before recycling it.
  • Check with your local recycling centre to see if they accept PET bottles.

By recycling Listerine bottles, you can help to reduce plastic pollution and protect the environment.


Yes, Listerine can expire. Most Listerine products have a shelf life of two to three years from the manufacture date. However, the exact expiration date will vary depending on the product. You can find the expiration date on the bottom of the bottle.

Always check the bottle to find the shelf life of the LISTERINE product once opened. Most LISTERINE products will be good to use for 12 months after opened although they probably won’t last that long if you’re using it daily.

After the expiration date, the active ingredients in Listerine may start to break down and become less effective. The mouthwash may also become more likely to grow bacteria. Therefore, it is not recommended to use Listerine after the expiration date. You can still use the mouthwash after the expiration date although it won’t be as effective.


Using too much can be harmful to your teeth and gums, so you need to make sure you use the right amount. It is also important to spit out the mouthwash and not swallow it. Swallowing Listerine can cause stomach upset and other problems. Plus, it doesn’t taste that nice if you swallow it, which most people have probably found out the hard way.

You should use Listerine twice a day, once in the morning and once at night. It is best to use it after brushing your teeth although if you’re using toothpaste with extra fluoride it’s important to wait at least half an hour to use the mouthwash or it can wash the fluoride away. Take a look at the tips below on how to take LISTERINE, if you have dental issues then check with your dentist on the best way to use it.

  1. Rinse your mouth with water to remove any food particles.
  2. Pour Listerine into the cap of the bottle. Yes, we all want to take it out of the bottle, don’t.
  3. Empty the cup or capful into your mouth and swish it around for 30 seconds.
  4. Gargle during rinsing.
  5. Spit out the mouthwash. Do not drink.
  6. Do not rinse with water after using mouthwash.

What LISTERINE Is The Best?

When it comes to LISTERINE there’s no one size fits all. The best Listerine for you will depend on your individual needs and preferences. There are specific LISTERINE products depending on your needs, it’s important to know what mouthwash will work best for you and to ensure you’re using the correct mouthwash, consult with your dentist.

Here are some additional things to consider when choosing a Listerine mouthwash:

  • Your budget. Listerine products range in price from around £3 to £10.
  • Your flavour preference. Listerine comes in a variety of flavours, including mint, citrus, and herbal.
  • Your sensitivity. If you have sensitive teeth, you may want to choose an alcohol-free or sensitive formula.
  • Your health concerns. If you have any health concerns, such as dry mouth or gum disease, talk to your dentist or doctor before using Listerine.


Depending on the type of LISTERINE depends on how it works. You’ll need to make sure you’re using the proper LISTERINE to take care of your dental needs.

Can LISTERINE Kill Gum Infection?

Listerine is an effective mouthwash that can help to kill bacteria and plaque, but it is not a cure for gum infection. Gum infection, also known as gingivitis, is a common condition that causes the gums to become red, swollen, and bleed easily. It is caused by the buildup of plaque, a sticky film of bacteria that forms on the teeth.

Here are some ways you can prevent gum infection:

  • Brushing your teeth twice a day for two minutes each time.
  • Using floss once a day.
  • Seeing your dentist for regular checkups and cleanings.
  • Avoiding sugary foods and drinks.
  • Quitting smoking.

Can LISTERINE Cause Mouth Ulcers

LISTERINE is an antiseptic mouthwash that can kill bacteria and plaque in your mouth. However, it can also be irritating to the gums and mouth, which in some cases, can cause mouth ulcers.

Mouth ulcers are small, painful sores that can appear on the inside of the lips, cheeks, tongue, or gums. They are often caused by bacteria or viruses, but they can also be caused by stress, allergies, or hormonal changes.

LISTERINE contains alcohol, which can be drying and irritating to the gums and mouth. This can make it more likely for mouth ulcers to develop. We would advise going with the alcohol free LISTERINE if you’re prone to mouth ulcers.

LISTERINE Mouthwash Products

Listerine have loads of various mouthwash products available. If you’re looking for a mouthwash in particular then be sure to shop the entire Listerine range. If you’re unsure on what mouthwash would best suit your mouth, consult with your doctor and they’ll be able to tell you exactly what you’re looking for.


There are several places you can buy LISTERINE, we would always recommend buying your products online. It’s easier to have them delivered to your door and you don’t have to venture out. You’ll also find more information online about certain products and the only time you want to be buying stuff on the high street is if you really know what you’re looking for.

Remember, when buying Listerine online you’ll want to make sure you pick the right item, shop around to find the best price and if possible get free delivery. You can also add Listering to an overall grocery shop and get discounts from some supermarkets in the UK.

Take a look at where to buy Listerine online below;

  • Amazon UK: Amazon is a great place to buy Listerine UK online. They have a wide variety of Listerine products to choose from, and their prices are competitive.
  • Boots: Boots is a UK pharmacy chain that also sells Listerine online. They have a good selection of Listerine products, and they offer free shipping on orders over £25.
  • Superdrug: Superdrug is another UK pharmacy chain that sells Listerine online. They have a wide variety of Listerine products, and they offer a loyalty program that can save you money on future purchases.

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