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Ultimate Women’s Christmas gift List

Getting that special woman in your life something amazing for Christmas can be a pain. Especially if it’s your mum because they deserve the world three times over. However, fret not. We have some amazing suggestions that they’re going to love. There’s something for everyone and you’re bound to find something perfect for your loved one.

Magnitone London XO Lights Out

The Magnitone London XO Lights Out is a 3-in-1 facial cleansing device that combines micro-sonic vibrations, tri-colour LED light therapy, and a soft silicone brush head to deliver a deep clean and radiant complexion. It’s perfect for a suitable Christmas gift if you’re looking to get someone something who looks after their skin and appearance.

Compared to similar products on the market the Magnitone has better reviews, works better and you see visible results sooner, what’s not to love? Get this for a loved one this Christmas and I’m sure they’ll thank you!

Ultimate Performance

Do you have that special woman in your life that loves the gym? Are they always working out or doing home workouts? We have just the thing. Ultimate Performance have some amazing products that help give the user peak performance and the best workout possible.

They have workout books that can help you with the best workout at home, offering books that tell you exactly what exercises to do to maximise the weight loss and muscle growth in whatever area you’re trying to grow. They have something for everyone and it’s a gift your fitness friends will love.

The Kind Edit Co. Spa Botanique Shower Pamper Set

Fancy treating a lucky lady this Christmas, get her this spa-at-home set. It’s got a 95% natural formula which is guaranteed to relax the soul. Going to a spa can be expensive but having an amazing pamper session at home, that’s what it’s all about.

This affordable gift plays the part, looks amazing and would fit extremely well under the Christmas tree this year. Pair it with a couple of other bits and you’re on to a winner. Maybe place it in a pamper hamper!

The Secret Life Of Clutter

Let’s face it, there’s always someone at home who ends up doing the housework. In our team we all got raised by single mums who did an amazing job and that’s why getting a gift like The Secret Life Of Clutter is such an amazing gift. It helps with clearing your life and is a fascinating read.

If this is for your mum, get her a cup of hot chocolate, let her read the book and dedicate an hour or two so that you can do all the cleaning while she relaxes!

Eylure London Lashes

If you’re looking to gift a lucky lady something, consider these lashes! Who doesn’t love dressing up from time to time, the Eylure London lashes are perfect for that, they’re easy to use, look amazing and are super affordable compared to other lash products on the market!

The lashes come in all shapes and sizes so you can be sure that there’s something there that will suit the lucky lady you’re shopping for. Pair these lashes with some chocolates in a nice gift bag and you’re onto a winner!

Swiss 1876 Skin Care

Swiss 1876 Skin Care is a brand of premium CBD-infused skincare products that are designed to nourish, protect, and revitalize the skin. The brand is rooted in Swiss heritage and utilises patented CBD crystals and natural ingredients to deliver a unique and effective skincare experience.

These Swiss 1876 products and guaranteed to have your skin feeling fresh, soft and rejuvenated in no time. A little goes a long way with the Swiss 1876 products and that’s why they’re the best gift to give this Christmas.

So…? Fragrance Sets

So…? fragrances have been an item on many Christmas lists each year. There’s no change this year and you can buy amazing fragrance sets as well so that the lucky lady has enough to last! One bottle is great but let’s face it, more is better.

So…? Escapes: So…? Escapes is a range of body mists and fragrance sets inspired by exotic destinations around the world. The collection aims to transport you to far-flung locales through the power of scent, allowing you to escape the everyday and indulge in tropical fantasies. They’ll make anyone think they’ve been transported to a tropical paradise in mere seconds.

So…? Unique: Whether you’re a free spirit, a rebel at heart, or simply someone who embraces their individuality, So…? Unique offers a delightful olfactory adventure that will help you express your authentic self. The fragrances in this set are bold, unconventional, and unapologetically unique!

Dairy Diary, Pocket Diary & Notebook Set

Who doesn’t love to keep organised? Dairy Diary have some amazing tools to help you keep organised. With their amazing diary, shopping lists, note cards and more, you won’t find yourself wondering what you’ve forgotten!

Dairy Diary have a whole host of products that anyone is bound to love. They’ll make a great stocking filler or a nice bundle wrapped up under the tree this Christmas.Their products also contain exciting recipes so you can get yourself baking all year round, a gift that keeps on giving!

CITY PACK S Kipling Backpack

Looking for the perfect gift for someone who loves to travel? This Kipling Backpack is the perfect gift to gift someone this year who loves to get their roaming shoes on and have an amazing adventure. This bag is perfect for city breaks and comes in a variety of colours. It’s spacious, affordable and made to last. Kipling have a whole range of stunning travel pieces and there’s something for everyone.

Get that lucky lady in your life the gift of travel for Christmas and make sure they have the space to take exactly what they need.

OSMO Deep Moisture Hydrate Set

Know someone who loves their hair? Wants to ensure they look their best at all times? This deep moisture hair kit is the perfect thing to keep their hair in tip top condition and keep it looking lush for longer. They’ll see visable results in no time at all and the products are totally cruelty free.

This OSMO deep moisture set is the perfect thing for anyones hair, it’ll give you maximum repair and lushes locks!