The Ultimate Christmas Gift List for Your Pets

Best Pet Christmas Gift List!

Looking for something to get your pets this Christmas? We have something for you! We have some fantastic brands that are perfect for gifting your furry friendly something amazing this Christmas and let’s face it, they deserve it.

So it might be easy to find dog toys or cat treats down your local supermarket with minimal effort but that doesn’t mean you’re giving them the best. We’re showcasing some amazing products from companies that dedicated their time and effort into only making the best products for your furry friends and that means something!

Doodlebone Treats & Dog Blanket

Are you looking for the perfect treats for your dog? Maybe they get cold in the winter and want a blanket to snuggle up with? We have the perfect place for you, Doodlebone! The Doodlebone Faux Fur blankets are soft, fluffy and just the thing to keep your pup warm this winter. It’s big enough for small and medium dogs and would comfortable fit a bigger dog. They’re super tough as well in case your dog likes a chew. We all know dogs have accidents and that’s fine because this blanket is washable!

Doodlebone also have some amazing treats which we’ve found are great for puppy training and the perfect size so your puppy doesn’t get full up with them. Our office dog Max loves the Nuri Delishy Duck Soft bites the most but they have a whole range to look at while you’re there. They also have amazing accessories for dogs of all sizes!

The Feast No-Hide® Rolls Earth Animal

Fancy a festive treat for your doggo that doesn’t have the nasties in it that ingredients such as raw hide give. These festive treats are the perfect thing to keep your dog happy and entertained for a while on Christmas day and if you’re giving your furry friend a stocking, they fit perfectly!

The feast are available in three different sizes, made from the best sustainably sourced ingreidnets and we’re sure taste amazing (though we haven’t tries them ourselves!). Give your dog something special this Christmas with the The Feast No-Hide® Rolls Earth Animal.

CBD For Pets

CBD isn’t for everyone and that’s fine although it does have qualities that can help reduce anxiety and stress for your pets. CBD, or cannabidiol, is a compound found in the cannabis plant. It is non-psychoactive, meaning it will not get your pet high. CBD has been shown to have several potential health benefits for pets.

CBD for pets can reduce pain, and anxiety, help improve sleep and help control Seizures it is important to note that if you’re going to use this consult with a vet who knows and understands your pet so that they can best recommend the dose and if it will be effective.