Weleda Energising Shower Gel

Weleda Energising Shower Gel

  • Invigorates and refreshes the body and mind
  • Helps to wake you up in the morning
  • Promotes alertness
  • Clears the mind
  • Reduces stress
  • Promotes relaxation
  • Vegan
  • Affordable

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Weleda Energising Shower Gel

Weleda Energising Shower Gel is a natural shower gel that is made with a blend of ginger, citronella, and cedarwood essential oils. It is designed to invigorate and refresh the body and mind.

The Weleda Energising Shower Gel is one of the safe and effective products for most people to use. It is vegan and free from synthetic fragrances, preservatives, and colourants. The shower gel is excellent for people with sensitive skin.

When using the Weleda Energising Shower Gel, simply apply a small amount to your wet skin and lather. Rinse it off thoroughly and enjoy the invigorating feeling.


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