Wassen Digest + Balance

Use these sachets to improve your digestive health. These sachets come with a blend of minerals, digestive enzymes, and live bacterial strains. They are fast working, just simply add the powder to your water and experience digestive support when you need it most.

  • 14 x 5.5g Lemon and Ginger Flavoured Sachets
  • Digestion support: Calcium & Digestive Enzymes
  • Electrolyte balance: Magnesium
  • Live cultures: L. acidophilus, B. bifidum & B. coagulans

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Wassen Digest + Balance – Digestive Support

Your digestive system is an important part of your bodies overal function. It digests and absorbs the nutrients that you body needs in order to grow and thrive to it’s best potenial. Wassen have developed a mineral lead digestive health support supplement which helps you lead a more healthy life.

The Wassen digestive support helps you digest with ease and helps with your digestive flow. It’s packed with soothing ginger extract which not only helps to taste of the supplement but is also taken to improve health and wellbeing.

This Wassen product is affordable, suitable for vegetarians and the perfect supplement to help with overall wellbeing. To take this supplement, add 1 sachet to water (500ml) per day and mix well. Wassen do advise you to enjoy this delicious drink alongside your main meal.


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