Tropical Sun Popcorn

Tropical Sun Popcorn

  • Vegan
  • Gluten-Free
  • Affordable

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Tropical Sun Popcorn Review

What Is Tropical Sun Popcorn?

This 500g of Tropical Sun Popcorn is the perfect treat to make your own homemade popcorn, especially on occasions such as Popcorn Day. It’s the perfect popcorn for trying something new at home with top quality popcorn kernels.

In Native American folklore, it was believed that spirits dwelled within each kernel of popcorn. These spirits were typically peaceful and satisfied, but when exposed to heat, they became agitated. The intensity of their agitation corresponded to the level of heat applied. As their anger escalated, the kernels trembled with fury. Eventually, under extreme heat, the spirits would burst from their kernels, erupting into the air like a furious explosion of steam. Experience the thrill of awakening these spirits by heating up our Tropical Sun Popcorn kernels!

Is Tropical Sun Popcorn Affordable?

Tropical Sun Popcorn is extremely affordable with a 500g pack of popcorn kernels priced at £1.29 (February 2024) and a 2kg bag of popcorn kernels priced at £3.29 (February 2024).

Is Tropical Sun Popcorn Vegan?

Yes, the Tropical Sun Popcorn is vegan and also Gluten-Free.

Where Can You Buy Tropical Sun Popcorn?

You can buy the Tropical Sun Popcorn direct from the Tropical Sun website. The Tropical Sun popcorn is sold via third parties however, it is more likely you will find the best price via the Tropical Sun website.

Tropical Sun Popcorn Review

This Tropical Sun Review wouldn’t be complete without a Reviewers United input. We love it, we tried it out in the office and everyone was unanimous, it’s tasty, easy to make and we love how it’s vegan and gluten free so that everyone could try it. Our favourite seasoning to enjoy it with has to be the Cinnamon Sugar, have you tried it yet?

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