Marigold Microfibre Cloths

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  • Removes 99% of bacteria
  • Exceptional Absorbency
  • Effective Cleaning
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Fast Drying
  • Affordable

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Marigold Microfibre Cloths remove dirt, grease and dust with ease. Super strong and very absorbent, they can be used around your home wet or dry and remove over 99% of bacteria. Microfibre Cloths deliver fantastic cleaning performance every time.

Why are these Marigold Microfibre Cloths so good?

  • Exceptional Absorbency: Microfibre cloths have a high absorbent capacity, allowing them to absorb and hold a significant amount of liquid or cleaning solution. This makes them effective for wiping surfaces and cleaning up spills.
  • Effective Cleaning: The fine fibres of microfibre cloths are densely packed, creating a large surface area. This allows them to trap and remove dirt, dust, and other particles more effectively than traditional cloths, providing a thorough and efficient cleaning.
  • Durability: Microfibre cloths are durable and can withstand multiple uses and washings without losing their effectiveness. This durability contributes to their cost-effectiveness over time.
  • Environmentally Friendly: The efficiency of microfibre cloths often means that less cleaning solution is required, reducing the need for chemical cleaners. This can make them a more environmentally friendly option for cleaning.

1 review for Marigold Microfibre Cloths

  1. Dan

    These are great, clean really well and great dusters as the dust stick to them and I don’t have to put in loads of effort.

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