Graveyard Girls 1-2-3-4 I Declare A Thumb War Book

  • Teaches important life lessons. The book explores themes of friendship, acceptance, and dealing with grief in a way that is both relatable and heartwarming.
  • Celebrates individuality. The four main characters are all unique and special in their own way, and the author encourages readers to embrace their own individuality.
  • Is well-written and enjoyable to read. The book is written in a middle-grade style that is engaging and easy to follow.
  • Has a spooky atmosphere. The graveyard setting and the girls’ ability to communicate with each other through the tombstones add a sense of mystery and intrigue to the story.
  • Age Range. Recommended for ages 9-12

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Graveyard Girls 1-2-3-4 I Declare A Thumb War is a children’s book. It is the first book in the Graveyard Girls series. The book tells the story of four girls who are buried in the same graveyard. The girls are all very different, but they become friends when they discover that they can communicate with each other through the tombstones. It’s the perfect story for younger children who are exploring the world and learning about new things. It also looks and feels amazing in its hardback edition.

The book is a fun and heartwarming story about friendship and acceptance. It is also a good book for teaching children about death and grief.

The book does not contain any harmful, unethical, racist, sexist, toxic, dangerous, or illegal content. It is also not insensitive, sexist, racist, or socially inappropriate. The book is not controversial or objectionable based on common sense ethical and moral standards. It does not promote violence, hatred, or discrimination. The book is also not sexually suggestive in nature. Finally, the book does not seek private information about individuals.

The Graveyard Girls series is an outstanding example of how children’s books can be used to teach important lessons about life and death. The books are also a lot of fun to read. If you are looking for a good book series for your child, we highly recommend the Graveyard Girls series.

You won’t have to worry about your children being upset while reading this, the whole journey is to educate with fun. It’s never easy approaching these topics with children so it’s best that they learn through reading and ask you the questions so you’re both prepared.


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