Golden Grahams Retro Recipe Cereal (331g)

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Golden Grahams Retro Recipe Cereal (331g)

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Golden Grahams Retro Recipe Cereal is a delicious and nostalgic cereal made with whole grain wheat, honey, and a touch of cinnamon. It is a great way to start your day, and it is also a fun snack for kids and adults alike. The cereal is crunchy and sweet, and it pairs perfectly with milk. Golden Grahams Retro Recipe Cereal is a great way to enjoy the taste of childhood again.

Here are some additional details about Golden Grahams Retro Recipe Cereal:

  • Weight: 331g (11.7oz)
  • Ingredients: Whole grain wheat, corn meal, sugar, brown sugar syrup, canola oil, honey, baking soda, salt, dextrose, trisodium phosphate, natural flavour.
  • Nutrition facts (per 100g): 150 kcal, 1.5g fat, 300mg sodium, 34g carbohydrates, 2g fibre, 2g protein, 12g sugar.
  • Origin: USA
  • Storage: store in a cool, dry place.
  • Price: $3.99 USD

Authors Opinion: You can get these imported from the USA into the UK although it will cost you around £10-£15 per box and they cost $4 in the USA so that’s a bit difference. That being said I love this Golden Grahams cereal so much I had 6 boxes in my suitcase and I think they’re epic. If you can afford some, buy them. I will be getting more when I go back to the United States.

3 reviews for Golden Grahams Retro Recipe Cereal (331g)

  1. Louise

    Yum! A household favourite

  2. Matt

    I love this cereal, however its so difficult to get in the UK, so when I can get them, they are always in my basket.

  3. Louis

    The best of the best, shame they stopped them in the UK, bring them back!

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