DenTek ECO Slim Brush Ultra Fine

DenTek ECO Slim Brush Ultra Fine 32 pack.

  • Handles and bristles made from plant-based materials, 80% less carbon emissions than traditional plastic
  • Straight at the tip to comfortably enter extra spaces
  • Mint flavoured for added freshness
  • Designed comfort wire that fits extra spaces comfortably without deflection
  • Bends to create custom angles for easier access which cleans between all teeth and braces
  • Non-slip flexible handle and soft grip for comfort and ease of use for all users
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DenTek ECO Slim Brush Ultra Fine 32 Pack.

DenTek Slim Brush interdental brushes 0.45mm are designed to clean spaces at awkward angles between your teeth and gums. The brushes are straight and narrow to help ensure they can access even the most hard-to-reach areas of your mouth and between your teeth. The slender brush narrows at the tip, so they can enter very small gaps and can be used to clean between teeth, removing any plaque or food missed from brushing and flossing. They are great for cleaning braces.

The handles are made using bio-based plastic, (produced from a raw material derived from sugar cane plants) whilst the bristles are made using castor plants. By using these renewable material rather than fossil oils, these dental aids help reduce carbon emissions by up to 80% in comparison to conventional plastic used in other dental products, in addition to helping you to keep your teeth and gums in optimal condition. They are the perfect eco-friendly dental equipment for the eco concious.



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