DenTek ECO Sensitive Floss Picks 36s

DenTek ECO Sensitive Floss Picks 36s

• ECO FRIENDLY SOFT RIBBON FLOSS made from plant based sugar cane, designed to gently remove plaque and food without causing issue to sensitive gums
• CURVED COMFORT PICK shaped to gently massage and soothe sensitive gums
• STIMULATES GUMS to promote gum health and prevent gum disease
• TEXTURED PICK for double cleaning, deep between teeth to help prevent tooth decay and bad breath

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DenTek ECO Sensitive Floss Picks 36s

DenTek Sensitive Eco Friendly Floss Picks are designed to clean between your teeth and gently massage your gums with a soft, silky ribbon that is designed to stretch slightly for a softer feel.  This floss is gentle on sensitive teeth and gums and removes plaque and food for an exceptional clean feeling. Using this floss pick daily will help to strengthen gums over time to the point where bleeding gums will occur less frequently. You’re getting a pick which is fluoride coated floss and a tongue cleaner on the handle, designed to clean away bacteria from the the tongue.

The handle is made using bio-based plastic (produced from a raw material derived from sugar cane plants). By using this renewable material rather than fossil oils, these flossing aids help reduce carbon emissions by up to 80% in comparison to traditional plastic. This floss is better for the planet unlike other dental products on the market and is perfect for eco-concious consumers.


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