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Cranes Cider Review

Who doesn’t like a drink in the summer heat? If you’re looking for a new cider, something bursting with flavour that you can’t find in every common supermarket, Cranes cider is what you need in your life. Cranes have so many amazing flavours on the Cranes Cider website you’d be spoilt for choice, so try a little bit of everything!

Who Are Cranes Cider?

Cranes is a British cider brand that was founded in 2010 by twin brothers Ben & Dan Ritsema, they know everything there is to know about cider and that shows in their products. The company is based in Cambridgeshire, England, and they produce a range of ciders, including traditional ciders, fruit ciders, and sparkling ciders. They have something for everyone, even the most fussy cider drinkers.

Cranes ciders are made with 100% British apples, and they are gluten-free and vegan-friendly. The company has won numerous awards for their ciders, including the Great Taste Award and the International Cider Challenge. Cranes Cider stands out for using natural fruit flavours to create their ciders, avoiding artificial sweeteners and flavourings, which means their ciders are healthier than the mass produced ones on supermarket shelves.

They are particularly known for their Cranberry & Lime cider, which blends the tartness of cranberries with the zesty freshness of lime. The company aims to appeal to those who enjoy a lighter, fruitier alternative to traditional ciders.

Cranes Cider

Cranes Cider Dragons Den

Cranes Cider appeared on the British business television series Dragons’ Den in 2012. The twin brothers Ben and Dan Ritsema, who founded the company, pitched their business to the five Dragons: Peter Jones, Deborah Meaden, Duncan Bannatyne, Theo Paphitis, and Jenny Campbell. They have come a long way since their television debut in 2012.

The brothers were seeking £80,000 in investment in exchange for a 20% stake in their company. They presented their business model, which involved selling their cider in specialist retailers and online. They also talked about their plans to expand into export markets.

The Dragons were impressed by the brothers’ passion for their product and their business acumen. However, they were concerned about the company’s lack of experience in the retail sector, which meant no dragons made an offer and they left the den without an investment.

Despite not getting an investment from the Dragons, Cranes Cider has gone on to become a successful business. The company is now sold in over 1,000 stores in the UK, and it has also expanded into export markets. This just goes to show that the dragons may not know everything and should have backed Cranes Cider.

Cranes Cider Glass

Did you know that Cranes Cider has their own signature glass which is designed to enhance the flavour of their cider. The glass is tulip-shaped, with a wide base and a narrow neck. This shape helps to concentrate the aromas of the cider, and it also helps to prevent the cider from foaming, the last thing you want is a load of foam on your drink when you’re trying to enjoy the sun.

The glass is also made of high-quality crystal, which helps to bring out the clarity and brightness of the cider. The glass is available for purchase on the Cranes Cider website. We only wish it was a little cheaper so the whole office could have one but they are well worth the price and they also look amazing! Trust us, once you use one you’ll wonder why you didn’t have one sooner.

Here are some of the benefits of using a Cranes Cider glass:

  • Enhances the flavor of the cider.
  • Prevents the cider from foaming.
  • Brings out the clarity and brightness of the cider.
  • Looks stylish.

You can also get the glass from getting one of the Cranes Cider gift sets or just buy the Cranes cider glass from their shop.

Cranes Cider Review

We love Cranes Cider, they have a varied range with east bursting with flavour so you know there’s something for everyone. Personally we suggest keeping Cranes in the fridge so you can enjoy a nice cold one when the weather is hot, they’re perfect with a BBQ although you can easily enjoy one after work if you want.

The crisp flavour is from the fresh fruits that they used and they’re not mass produced like other ciders on the market which makes their price so much more worth it. We only ever buy off of their website, you know it’s coming from Cranes themselves and you want to make sure you give these amazing companies the whole profit and not just a portion.

However, there are many places you can buy Cranes Cider if you wanted, keep in mind that depending on your location your supermarkets may not stock Cranes Cider, for places to buy Cranes Cider online take a look below;

  1. Cranes Cider Official Website: The best place to start is the official website of Cranes Cider ( They may offer their products for sale directly on their website or provide information on where you can find their products through other retailers.
  2. Amazon UK: Amazon is a popular online marketplace where you may find Cranes Cider products. Look for the cider brand in the grocery or alcohol sections of the website.
  3. Online Supermarkets: Check with online supermarkets like Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s, or Morrisons, as they sometimes carry Cranes Cider products.
  4. Drink Specialist Websites: Some websites specialize in selling alcoholic beverages and may offer Cranes Cider as part of their product selection.
  5. Online Alcohol Retailers: Websites that focus on selling alcoholic beverages might also have Cranes Cider in their inventory.
  6. Independent Online Retailers: Smaller online retailers that specialise in craft beverages may also carry Cranes Cider.

Cranes Cider Competition

We have an amazing competition for all your Cranes Cider fans out there. You can win your own Cranes Cider bundle with this Cranes Cider competition. All you have to do is enter the competition below to be in with a shot of winning this fantastic prize, what’s not to love! Follow all the actions, come back daily for an added bonus entry and good luck!

A Cranes Cider Bundle includes:

  • 2 X Premium Apple Cider. 100% fresh and natural, made with British apples
  • 2 X Lemons & Kumquats. Fresh lemons combined with the most perfectly ripe kumquats
  • 2 X Raspberries & Pomegranates. Sweet & delicious raspberry, with a unique twist of pomegranate
  • 1 X Blueberries & Apples. Refreshingly natural, distinctive blueberry with a kick of crisp apple
  • 1 X Cranberries & Limes. Crisp, sweet cranberries combined with a zing of lime
  • 1 X Premium Apple Low Alcohol Cider. Same amazing fresh taste, with only 0.5% alc

RRP: £22.95.

Cranes Cider Competition – Win a 9 x 500ml Selection of Ciders

T&Cs – You must be 18+ to enter. Claim your prize within 28 days of being selected or the competition will be re-drawn and a new winner picked. UK residents only. The competition prize is sent out by the company, delivery address and number will be given to them and the responsibility of sending the prize falls on the company competition prize provider. Good luck.

Cranes Cider Calories

Cranes Cider are low-calorie cider and are the perfect solution for someone who loves their cider but also wants to watch their weight at the same time.

Cranes Cider are one of the leading low-calorie cider brands on the market. A typical pint of cider contains 250 calories or more, whereas Cranes Cider are normally 220 calories which makes them the lower-calorie option on the market. Always check the calorie content before purchase as these can change.

Take a look at two of the best low-calorie Cranes Cider options below;

  • Cranes Cider Blueberries & Apples: 44 calories per 100ml, or 220 calories per 500ml bottle.
  • Cranes Cider Raspberries & Pomegranates: 44 calories per 100ml, or 220 calories per 500ml bottle.

These ciders are both naturally light, meaning they have been crafted to contain 30% fewer calories than brand leaders. They are also vegan friendly and gluten free.

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