Food Bank Donations Community Scheme

Reviewers United is a community based review website. We have members across the globe who come to review the amazing companies and products that we list. We decided that we would use our position on the internet for good and that’s how we came about this community project. Each year we ask amazing companies to donate some of their products for food banks and towards Christmas we ensure that all of the donations are dropped off so that families in need get the help they deserve during the festive period.

We are excited to showcase some of the amazing companies below that have donated to this cause, making sure that people are healthy and well stocked for Christmas. Please take a look below to see how many items we’ve collected, how many companies have donated and much more information. Our team also contribute to this amazing cause throughout the year to ensure we have a huge amount to donate.

Number of Products
Number of Companies Donated

We wanted to showcase how much we’ve raised so far over the years. Take a look at the figures below to see some of the amazing work we’ve been able to accomplish as a team and with the help of amazing companies that have graciously donated!

Companies who have donated

Total Number involved

Total Number of Products
Total Number of Companies Donated
Total Number of Years Donating

Community Reading Scheme

Here at Reviewers United, we love to read. There’s nothing better than a good book. We totally understand though that books can be expensive, they aren’t cheap and that means not everyone has access to literature when we believe everyone should have the opportunity to read and enjoy the escapism that a book gives.

That’s why as a team we decided to start a community reading scheme. We get books from time to time for review, once we’re done with them we thought we’d put them to good use instead of them collecting dust on the shelves. We now leave the books we get at community book drops. These can be book stands in supermarkets, free libraries and free book vending machines! Take a look at some of the amazing books we’ve left below.

Book donations coming soon

If you’re a company that wants to have your book featured on Reviewers United use our contact form to get in touch with us and be featured in our community reading scheme!

Community Competitions