Amazon vine (how to get on amazon vine)

Want to know what Amazon Vine is? You’ve come to the right place. You might be thinking that Amazon Vine was a total myth but we assure you, it’s very real. We’re going to cover some of the questions you might have about Amazon Vine and how you could possibly get your own Amazon Vine account. We won’t lie, it’s not easy to get onto but there are some things you can do to increase your chances.

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What Is Amazon Vine?

Amazon Vine is an invitation-only program designed to gather honest and unbiased reviews from trusted and experienced Amazon customers. Members of the Amazon Vine program, known as Vine Voices, receive free products from participating vendors and sellers in exchange for writing detailed and helpful reviews about those products on the Amazon platform. Vine Voices are selected based on their reviewer rank, the quality and helpfulness of their reviews, and their demonstrated interest in providing valuable feedback to other customers. Participation in Amazon Vine allows vendors and sellers to generate authentic reviews for their products, potentially boosting sales and improving their product rankings on Amazon.

However, it has been known that Amazon Vine voices tend to write better reviews for products in the hope that they get more expensive and luxury products so make sure you look at a wide range of reviews before making a purchase.

Amazon Vine Account

If you are invited to join the Amazon Vine program then you will be set up your own Amazon Vine account. Due to these Amazon Vine accounts changing often, it is impossible to know how it will look until you are invited onto the program yourself.

How Do I Get Invited To Amazon Vine?

There are various ways in which you can be invited to the Amazon Vine program. That being said, it won’t happen overnight and some people never get invited to join Amazon Vine. Take a look at the various tips to be invited onto Amazon Vine below.

Is Getting On Amazon Prime Easy?

No, getting invited to join Amazon Vine is a long and difficult process. You have to ensure you’re ticking all the boxes that Amazon want you to tick when it comes to leaving reviews and even then you might not get picked.

Amazon Vine High Quality Reviews

It is important to leave high quality Amazon reviews whether you are already on Amazon Vine or you have your fingers crossed to be invited. Leaving high quality, detailed reviews is the way to go with Amazon Vine.

What Products To Review For Amazon Vine

If you are looking at how to be invited to join Amazon Vine. The reviews you already leave are a big part of that. If you want to be invited it’s important to review the right products. Products that don’t have many reviews and branded products are the two that you want to focus on if you’re looking to join Amazon Vine.

Review Length

Unlike reviews on Reviewers United, you should leave long and detailed reviews. We understand it’s not always easy to write masses of paragraphs for reviews but Amazon want this. You need to cover certain aspect of the products, was it affordable, was it sturdy, is it waterproof and even more. The more you write and the more detail you put into your Amazon reviews means the more chance you have of joining Amazon Vine.

Review Pictures

If you are looking to join Amazon Vine then we would always suggest adding pictures to your product reviews. That being said, Amazon need more than just a photo of the box that it came in. Take pictures of it being used, displayed or if it’s an item like a book, on your book shelf. Let people know what it looks like, how big it is and if it’s worth buying!

Review Videos

Amazon encourage product review videos. However, there is more evidence against this than there is for. Amazon have been known to remove video reviews for no reason and when you ask them why, you don’t get an answer. We would suggest not leaving a review video on Amazon or you might face your account reviews being wiped and no longer being able to leave any reviews at all.

Review Likes

Just like social media, you can like other peoples reviews that shows Amazon that they were good and helpful reviews. However, as everyone is fighting to get onto Amazon Vine, not many people leave helpful votes. That’s why it’s important to put a lot of detail, pictures and more into your reviews so you’re more likely to get helpful votes.

Amazon Vine 6 Months

This hasn’t been proven but has happened a lot. When asked, Amazon fail to give an honest and transparent answer. There is a myth that after 6 months on Amazon Vine you’ll get kicked off the program and then new people will be invited. However, there are still people who have been on it for years and not been kicked off and there are people who verify they got kicked off after 6 months.

However you look at Amazon Vine and the 6 months myth, enjoy your time on the program if you’re lucky enough to be invited. It’s hard work after all.

Amazon Vine Notice Which Appears Under Product Reviews Through Amazon Vine

Are Amazon Vine Products Free

Yes, Amazon Vine products are free in exchange for a review. However, it is important to look at your locations rules around this as some places (Mainly the USA) say that you have to declare the products as part of your income which is why expensive Amazon Vine products might not always be for some people and they may favour the less expensive items.

Types Of Products You Can Get On Amazon Vine

You can get all sorts of products on Amazon Vine ranging from expensive cameras to dog food. There is no rhyme or reason to the products you get and it all depends on what merchants upload their products to Amazon Vine to be reviewed.

Amazon Vine Community

This is one of the things many people have strong opinions on, The Amazon Vine Community can be very toxic. You have to remember that Amazon Vine is basically a race to see who can get the most and best products. Ex Vine Voices have said that the groups on social media can be very toxic, screenshotting reviews from non Vine members and making fun of them.

It has been said that some Vine members band together to get other members thrown off of the program. We would suggest taking these groups with a pinch of salt or just not joining them.

What Not To Do On Amazon Vine

One thing we suggest you never do on Amazon Vine is leave 5 star reviews for everything or review an items too quickly. This can throw alarm bells in Amazon’s direction and it’s a fast way to get suspended on the platform.

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